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[08 Jun 2006|10:33pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

The Nyx is watching us. All of us. Picking up on our existences, seeing our lives. Be warned, though, it may come to like you, and if it does you will suddenly find yourself trapped within it’s walls.

There is no way out. The Nyx won’t let you leave. So, you may as well get used to the view, maybe grab a drink at the bar, because you’re going to be here for a while.

mixedupnyxfiles is a multi-fandom RP! Take a look, poke around, come join! Application info and taken characters can be found on the userinfo page.
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Morrigan Aensland [18 Feb 2005|11:55am]
[ mood | artistic ]


Name: Luciferette DeVoid
Age: 22
Birthday: January 26
Height: 5'9"
Hobbies: cosplaying, drawing, listening to music, obsessing over Morrigan and Zabel, collecting DS (especially Morrigan related) items, fashion design, web design, playing video games, watching anime, etc.
Sports: ...um, wha?
Pets: 2 cats (Anastasia and Rasputin)
Likes: art, music, video games, dancing, anime, manga, Morrigan, cosplaying Morrigan, intelligence, inner strength, good taste, open-mindedness, etc.
Dislikes: ignorance, bigotry, stereotypes, weak wills, the humdrum and ordinary, etc.
Strong points: I have been told I look like Morrigan, sarcastic wit, willing to stand up for what I believe in or want, not afraid to get my hands dirty in a fight, dedicated, etc.
Weaker points: I sometimes let my emotions carry me away...


Color: black, purple, blue, green, silver/metal
Food: gyros, pita and hummus, sushi, Propel water
Animal: cats
Season(summer, spring, fall, winter): Autumn
Fruit: strawberries (with chocolate!) and melons
Flavor: tangy, spicy
Smell: floral scents and the smell after a fresh rain


If you were stranded on a desert Island, what 5 things would you bring? drawing supplies, music stuff (CD player, CDs, a ton of batteries), food stuffs, one of those giant patio tents, some way of turning sea water into fresh drinking water

Describe yourself in one word: ...Morrigan-esque

Which Darkstalker character do you most identify with? Morrigan

Are you an energetic person or are you a lower energy level kind of person? high-energy usually

Do you act more on impulse or do you tend to think things through? I tend to think things through but every now and again if something pushed my buttons...

Got any dreams or aspirations? Move to the UK, become a professional mangaka, make the perfect Morrigan cosplay, etc.

What would you say is your motto? Listen to your inner self and do what you want with your life; don't let anyone else tell you who you are.

What motivates you to start your day? art

~*~Anything else~*~
Hmmm, only that I have cosplayed Morrigan several times (and am doing it again shortly) and that everytime I am told that I am a perfect Morrigan by strangers. Also, many people say I look and act like her.
You can find pix of my last Morrigan cosplay here, new cosplay coming soon...

clicky clicky for the picy picyCollapse )

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** Testing, Testing - Is this thing on? ** [18 Feb 2005|12:34am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey Therte, just testing this thing out, I know the layout is rather crappy and such, But I'll fix it within a few days and maybe beg someone to make me a nice enough layout and some banners, so if you feel like joining don't hesitate!

- Your Mod, Safty


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